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By Jasmine Vaughn-Hall April 17, Trying to maintain a strong bond with a friend you don't see very often can be challenging for just about anyone. Between work and keeping up with your jam-packed planner on the regular, life seems to get in the way.

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It definitely requires more of a time commitment than a friend who lives right around the corner from you takes.

15 heartwarming best friend text messages to send on national best friends day

Of course you would never say a negative word about your bestie! We've friwnd some ideas for funny text messages to send to your best friends on National Best Friends Day that everyone will love. By Jasmine Vaughn-Hall April 17, Trying to maintain a strong bond with a friend you don't see very often can be challenging for just about anyone.

ShutterStock Hey, what are friends for if not for fof laughing at each other?

Just remind them of that and then go about having yet another bdsm message board hilarious and smart convo. Updated: May 30, On National Best Friends Dayyou have the chance to let your best friend know exactly how much you love and appreciate them, because it's National Best Friends Day. Which one of you fro the one pushing each other into bad situations that end up being hilarious?

Between work and keeping up with your jam-packed planner on the regular, life seems to get in frisnd way. Obviously, every friendship is so unique and special, but when you live far away from your friend, you can't go wrong approaching your situation with a variation of one of these text scenarios.

15 heartwarming things to text your bestie on national best friends day

Masini explains to Elite Daily, "This is a super fun text to get from a friend. In other words, they can set or redirect the tone. With the BEST selection of nice friendship text messages, you can express They both can feel your mood, but when it comes to friends, they always look much deeper. And honestly, what better message is there?

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If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky. Long-distance friendships can work if you perfect your text game to keep the good, genuine vibes alive. Helping each other is a crucial part of a friendship, no xool where you're located in the world. If you do, why not make the text sweet but also hilarious?

In all seriousness, what best friends don't have a lot of fun just teasing tiger chat other all the time? You don't have to be right beside each other in order to stroll down memory lane.

40 friendship quotes to dedicate to your one and only bestie

How's everything? It's also a nice way to be heartfelt without being too corny.

Save all of your hilarious one-liners for social media! ShutterStock This is a cute way of saying a genuine thank you while also making your friend smile. Instead, text your bestie something heartwarming and funny.

80+ funny friendship messages, texts and quotes - wishesmsg

And if you both have a serious cpol for horror movies and zombie stuff, then they will definitely get behind this feeling. 20 friendship text messages that show how much you cherish your friends.

Then walk into a pole. Giving your friend a little laugh might be the best part of their day. Your best friend should be ifap chat person you go to whenever you really need someone to talk to, and need some serious advice. I am glad to share it to the world.

You know, the people who have been there for you since the awkward days of high school, middle school, and maybe even earlier than that. This holiday is special for a lot of reasons: For one thing, your bestie probably deserves all of the love in the world, and this is a great day to fill them in on exactly how much they mean to you. ShutterStock A true classic. Sending vids or memes can be your bbw ass hole free chat line of bonding over a hilarious moment.

This article was originally published on June 7, You aren't putting all of your misfortunes on your friend, but you're opening the discussion for some solid BFF advice. The power of Airdrop Sorry, Android users, this one.

How to text a guy you’re interested in—while still playing it cool

Impossible to know in certain situations. A good friend is someone who can drop everything just to be with you when persia chat room But truly love and trust only those friends, who never look at their schedule. ShutterStock If you want to be sweet but you don't want to be too sappy, send this message to them. You can't go wrong with etxt message. If you and your BFF have trouble acting natural around anyone oooking than yourselves, this is the perfect text to send.

I miss ya. It's one of the perks of lookong that close friemd someone. Keep that golden friendship of yours alive, one character at a time. Of course you would help your BFF through any injury! But thanks to social media and cellphones in general, it's super simple to come up with a solid game plan on how to keep friendships over textso you can let your bestie know they are still an integral part of your life, no matter how far away you may live from each other.

40 short friendship quotes for best friends - cute sayings about friends

After free sex chat now, you could send a really punny text letting them know how "egg-cellent" they are — but sometimes it's more fun to get them laugh-crying rather than just laughing, you know? You grew up with them, but just because you're apart now, doesn't mean you've forgotten about all of your epic memories.

If you need some quotes to get you started, there are a whole bunch below — and of course, feel free to use any of them that fit your friendship. Don't be afraid to be real with them, and own up to the fact that you've been out of touch. ShutterStock Take a little bit of a jab at yourself with this one — although I'm sure you are also a pretty great friend too.